Webinar: Navigating cyber threats – ISO 27001 and effective security testing

Last year, cyber security took centre stage, with IT Governance’s research finding an alarming 8 billion records compromised. This surge in data breaches signals a critical juncture for organisations to reassess and reinforce their security measures.

Our webinar “Navigating cyber threats – ISO 27001 and effective security testing” will provide essential guidance on incorporating technical testing into your ISO 27001 framework and understanding its significance for organisational security.

You’ll get practical insights into the value of in-house security capabilities, adherence to ISO 27001, and the role of CyberComply in streamlining ISMS (information security management system) processes. It’s an invaluable opportunity for professionals involved with or interested in ISO 27001 certification and the Standard’s requirements for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Webinar agenda:

  • Integrating technical testing within the ISO 27001 framework;
  • The role of ISO 27001 in security testing and the critical importance of these practices for certified organisations;
  • Scoping in accordance with risk and getting value for money, emphasising how understanding risk and making informed choices is crucial for organisations with limited budgets;
  • Best practices for security testing to ensure it aligns with the ISO 27001 requirements; and
  • How CyberComply can streamline your cyber security processes within your ISO 27001 ISMS.

Delivered by:

Alan Calder
Founder and Executive Chairman, IT Governance

Alan is an acknowledged international cyber security expert and a leading author on information security and IT governance issues.

He founded IT Governance in 2002 and has written more than 20 books on cyber security. Alan’s work draws on his experience leading the world’s first successful implementation of BS 7799 – now ISO 27001 – and is also the basis for the UK Open University’s postgraduate course on information security.

He has been involved in the development of a wide range of information security management training courses that have been accredited by IBITGQ (International Board for IT Governance Qualifications).

James Pickard
Head of Security Testing, IT Governance

With a decade of global experience in penetration testing across multiple industries, James leads the security testing team. He specialises in various testing methodologies, including systems infrastructure, web application, API and social engineering.

James has a BSc in Computer Network Technology, and GDPR Foundation and Practitioner certifications. He is a media commentator and participates in industry webinars, where he shares his expertise on current cyber security trends and practices.

Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for professionals looking to certify or who have already certified to ISO 27001, as well as those interested in deepening their understanding of security testing and its application in a structured security environment.

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