Free PDF download: ISO 27001 for Law Firms – Data security and the legal sector

Build a more structured approach towards managing information security for your firm – learn how you can achieve an internationally recognised, cyber secure status with ISO 27001 


  • How top law firms are using ISO 27001 to grow their client base and tackle cyber threats head-on;
  • The benefits of ISO 27001 for your firm;
  • Why stringent data security in the legal sector is a key business enabler; and
  • How prudent law firms are implementing ISO 27001-conformant ISMSs to better manage their sensitive information.

Download our free paper today: ISO 27001 for Law Firms.

Published: November 2020
Keywords: ISO 27001, information security, management systems, legal sector

Network and Information Systems (NIS) Regulations 2018 – Compliance guidance for operators of essential services
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