Free PDF download: Information Security and ISO 27001 – An introduction

In today’s information economy, it is extremely likely that many of your organisation’s most critical assets are in digital form. Unfortunately, the convenience of the digital world comes with a downside: cyber security risks.

To protect confidential and sensitive information – and to be seen to be protecting it – more and more organisations are becoming certified to ISO 27001.

This Standard describes specific activities and controls to secure your information and information systems, which will help you manage your risks and meet your legal and contractual security requirements.

Organisations can also seek ISO 27001 certification, which can be seen as a powerful assurance of their commitment to meet their security and privacy obligations to customers and business partners.

Download this free green paper now. It will:

  • Help you understand how ISO 27001 works;
  • Highlight key implementation points; and
  • Explore the benefits of implementing an ISMS and achieving certification to the Standard.

Published: June 2023
Keywords: ISO 27001, information security, management systems

Free pdf download: Information Security & ISO 27001: An introduction
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