Free PDF download: Gambling Commission Annual Security Audits – Increase your odds

Written for gambling operators and service providers, this green paper explores the Gambling Commission’s RTS (Remote gambling and software technical standards). It also covers the security requirements that need to be met in order to gain or retain a licence. 

Essential reading for anyone involved with the audit process, this paper offers guidance to help you successfully prepare for an audit, and explores additional security areas you may need to consider.


  • Explains the purpose of the audit beyond just making sure gambling organisations comply with the law – it’s good for business and has wider applications;
  • Discusses how ongoing compliance is essential and more cost effective than intermittent compliance;
  • Provides advice on the 13 controls; and
  • Demonstrates the wider link with ISO 27001 and best-practice security.

Download your free green paper today to increase your odds!

Published: March 2019
Keywords: Gambling Commission RTS, information security, audits, ISO 27001

Gambling Commission Annual Security Audits – Increase your odds
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