Data protection and cyber security for the education sector

Years of stretched budgets and competing priorities mean that many education organisations are without the protection or expertise needed in today’s data-rich digital world. And although there has always been a strong culture of confidentiality, government surveys reveal this is not reflected in the sector's spending on cyber security.

During a 2019 security test by digital services organisation Jisc, penetration testers had a 100% success rate in accessing the networks of over 50 UK universities. In doing so, the team was able to access student and staff personal data, finance systems and valuable research networks.

Education organisations at all levels are open to attack from cyber criminals and ill-prepared and under-resourced to meet the requirements of today’s more stringent data protection laws.

Supporting your school’s GDPR compliance is the cost-effective and easy-to-use GDPR compliance platform built specifically for schools. Use it to track your school’s GDPR compliance, train your staff, and keep records of completed training, data breaches and subject access requests.

For trusts and groups of schools, we provide a dashboard for the central office to view progress within the group.

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We offer the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme – an excellent starting point to protect organisations of any size. Internationally recognised training and consultancy, CREST-accredited penetration testing, PCI DSS services, ISO accreditations, and governance and compliance products.

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