Free PDF download: DSP Toolkit – A compliance guide

These days, organisations face a range of evolving cyber threats. The healthcare sector has a particularly hard time, as it needs to deal with more risks than most.

Not only do OES (operators of essential services) such as NHS organisations and their partners face the same automated attacks as organisations everywhere else but they also have to defend themselves against more sophisticated attacks.

In response to this increased threat, healthcare organisations must comply with both the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the DSP (Data Security and Protection) Toolkit, which superseded the IG (Information Governance) Toolkit in April 2018.


  • The applicability of the DSP Toolkit and its scope; 
  • How the DSP Toolkit differs from the IG Toolkit and how organisations can comply with its requirements; and
  • How to plan and coordinate a DSP Toolkit compliance project. 

Published: November 2019
Keywords: DSP Toolkit, healthcare sector, data privacy, GDPR

DSP Toolkit - A compliance guide
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