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The DocumentKits online platform

We have a wide range of toolkits now accessible via DocumentKits, our online platform for viewing and customising the templates to help you document and develop your organisation’s policies, processes and procedures.

Our documentation toolkits provide a framework for documenting your compliance with standards and regulations, with content and guidance written by experts.

Discover our range of toolkits accessible via the DocumentKits platform*:

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Why use DocumentKits?

The DocumentKits platform provides powerful features:

  • Automatically populates a number of customised fields, including roles and documentation classification.
  • Works on any operating system.
  • Document updates and improvements don’t interfere with your customisation work.
  • Easily extract files to PDF to save on shared servers, intranets or wherever you need them.
  • Tooltips and guidance notes provide definitions and expert instruction.

The benefits of DocumentKits

Compliance made easy

Follow the guidance notes to customise each document to your organisation.

Accelerate your project

Our experts have done the legwork so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Easy to navigate

Quickly find the template you need from the document menu.

Collaborate and communicate

With ten user licences, easily collaborate with others and achieve results faster.  

Save time and money

Reduce reliance on consultancy and cut your implementation time by using model documentation.

No more duplication

Files are linked across different toolkits, so there’s no need to complete the same template twice if you’re working on multiple compliance projects.

Why our customers love our toolkits

“Having recently kicked off a GDPR project with a large international organisation I was tasked with creating their Privacy Compliance Framework. The GDPR toolkit provided by IT Governance proved to be invaluable providing the project with a well organised framework of template documents covering all elements of the PIMS framework. It covers areas such as Subject Access Request Procedure, Retention of Records Procedure and Data Protection Impact Assessment Procedure helping you to put in practice policies and procedures to enable the effective management of personal information on individuals. For anyone seeking some support with their GDPR plans the toolkit is well worth consideration.”

“Using the templates, was the only way that we could deliver a 1st edition ISMS in under 6 months. Our deliverable was a work in progress but miles ahead of where they would have been without the templates.”

More than 9,000 organisations use our toolkits


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*Please note that all our toolkits will be available on the DocumentKits platform soon. In the meantime, some are still fulfilled in Microsoft Office format. Please check the Technical information tab for the toolkit you’d like to purchase to ensure you buy the correct format.

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