Cyber Incident Response Management (CIRM) Webinars

This three-part webinar series on incident response planning and management is designed to provide a broad understanding of incident response, helping participants recognise and mitigate potential risks before they become full-blown problems that lead to reputational damage, loss of customers and hefty fines.

CIRM webinars on demand

Cyber incident response management: planning and implementation

The third and final webinar deals with incident response planning consideration and implementation, and the reporting requirements of the incident response system. Planning is based on an organisation’s infrastructure topology and risk exposure, and implementation entails the development of an incident response team and test scenarios. Report generation is the end product of the incident response process. It provides the audit trail details of an incident and is a requirement of all major regulatory frameworks and compliance standards.

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Cyber incident response management: what you need to know

The second webinar focuses on the incident response process itself. It explains the terminology used and presents and describes different types of cyber attacks to give a clearer understanding of how vulnerabilities are exploited and what strategies are used to minimise risk.

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Cyber incident response management: an essential tool for the GDPR and NIS Directive 

The first webinar in the series explains general incident response concepts. It focuses on the importance of incident response within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive (now transposed in UK law as the NIS Regulations 2018)) frameworks and delivers an overview of the CIRM process. The webinar will also explain why an incident response management system is central to cyber resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery, and offer a brief explanation of the CREST methodology. 

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