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Security Awareness Programme

Our Security Awareness Programme helps you generate tangible and lasting organisation-wide security awareness.

Recent reports indicate that data breaches are often caused by insiders, including employees, third-party contractors, and partners. The vast majority of those are purely accidental. From falling for a phishing campaign to mishandling confidential information, even simple mistakes can make the organisation vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Research shows that traditional cyber security awareness measures can be greatly enhanced by a multi-faceted security programme that creates a total culture change and tackles employee behaviours.


How it works

Our Security Awareness Programme combines a learning needs assessment with the deployment of a bespoke programme supported by a range of awareness interventions. These interventions can be customised and delivered through different media, channels and formats to ensure a better fit with your organisation’s needs, culture and values.


What makes this awareness programme different?


A learning needs analysis

A detailed needs analysis conducted by a learning and development specialist determines your organisation’s unique security awareness challenges, training needs and knowledge gaps. Completing the analysis at the outset helps tailor the awareness programme to meet the diverse needs of the organisation.


A high penetration rate

Research shows that despite an increase in employee awareness, bad habits and irresponsible behaviour persist. This gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ can often be attributed to a lack of concrete instructions associated with traditional awareness training interventions. This compilation of expertly developed awareness resources is aimed at tackling learner fatigue, boredom and disengagement by introducing fun, interactive and stimulating experiences throughout the awareness journey.


Proven results

Through customised learning aids, training, resources and tools, the messages strike a chord to ensure greater and lasting results.


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A learning needs analysis to identify awareness gaps and learning requirements.

An effective multi-component awareness campaign tailored to your organisational needs and culture.

Hands-on support from a specialist consultant to customise the programme.

Tools and resources to suit your organisation’s diverse needs and keep your audience engaged.

Evaluation measures to provide you with a reliable audit trail of the success of the programme.

A total solution that addresses behaviours, ideas and organisational culture and brings about a transformative result.


The benefits for your organisation

  • Employee mindset and behavioural changes because teams are personally invested in the security programme.
  • Informed teams and improved organisational resilience, thereby reducing security risks and staff-related data breaches.
  • A shift in organisational culture to better support business objectives.
  • Reduced human error and process inefficiencies.
  • Increased morale and commitment towards the information security management system.
  • Improved audit results because management system requirements are being met;
  • Corrective actions based on the identification of nonconformities.
  • A return on investment on your security awareness programme with visible campaign tracking

Interested in other subject areas?

This programme is ideal for larger organisations looking to raise awareness of issues such as data privacy, information security and cyber security, and supports the implementation of management systems such as ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.

If you are interested in an awareness programme for other subject-matter, our team of experts can deliver the awareness programme for a range of topics, frameworks and management system standards, including:


Information security and ISO 27001


Business continuity and ISO 22301


Cyber security


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data security


Examples of awareness tools and resources

Below are examples of the tools and resources that can support your company awareness programme based on the findings of the learning needs analysis.

All elements can be customised to meet your organisation’s brand.


Campaign launch


Pledge to action


Awareness nudge


Awareness campaign posters


Awareness email signatures


Awareness programme pocket guide


E-learning courses


The ISMS Card Game


Download full service description >>>>

View samples of campaign elements >>>>


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