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Human error remains the leading cause of data breaches – and these breaches cause organisations a great deal of financial and reputational damage.

Your staff are at the forefront of your organisation, representing the business and dealing with personal and organisational data daily. They are the ones protecting your business – and its assets.

Cyber security training for staff is an effective way to educate employees and ensure proper procedures are followed, thereby reducing risk and keeping your organisation’s data safe.

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Staff awareness training solutions

E-learning training courses

Our short (up to one hour) online courses deliver a consistent, interactive and comprehensive message to your staff.

Staff can learn at their desks with minimal disruption to their workday, and the LMS (learning management system) captures their participation, which serves as evidence, should you be audited.

All our e-learning courses can be customised, branded, and hosted on either the IT Governance LMS or your corporate LMS.

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Staff awareness posters and games

Our office posters ensure data protection and information security are at the forefront of your employees’ minds, and the ISMS card game offers a new way of learning about information security.

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Staff awareness books

Our pocket guides are a cost-effective way of introducing staff to topics such as cyber security and IT governance.

They are the perfect starting point for projects including ISO 27001 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). All our books can be branded with your corporate branding.

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Bespoke security awareness programme

Through a detailed assessment of your organisation’s needs and culture, we can design a bespoke security awareness programme. This will include custom awareness interventions, including our flagship products such as e-learning, posters, newsletters and pocket guides. Staff awareness programmes need serious thought to make sure all the bases are covered, which our consultants are experienced in delivering.

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Top tips for getting the most out of staff training

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Did you know that staff will only recall 90% of training after a month?

A sustained and repeatable training programme is key to ensuring knowledge retention among your staff. All our e-learning courses are annual subscriptions, so you can offer as much training to your staff as you like from as little as £12 per user, per year.

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Gamify your training

Experiential learning through game-like approaches will help staff remember what they’ve learned.

All our e-learning courses and challenge games provide interactivity and engagement to effectively impart knowledge.

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Space out learning

Encourage retention by breaking down training into manageable, bite-sized chunks through different mediums.

Our e-learning courses, games, posters and bespoke training aids allow you to mix up your staff awareness programme while delivering a consistent message.

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