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The Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle - 2011 Edition (1 Year Licence Period) Multiuser Licence

The Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle - 2011 Edition (1 Year Licence Period) Multiuser Licence

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Online access to the official introduction to the ITIL® 2011 service management framework

If you are looking to provide access to some or all of the core ITIL books to a large ITSM team, multi-user access is often a very cost-effective way of each member of staff accessing the content.

If you are buying all five ITIL core titles you’ll save over £800 by buying an ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite Multi-user Licence.

ITIL® (the Information Technology Infrastructure Library) focuses on aligning IT services with business needs. Placing ITIL firmly in a readily-understandable context, the Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle provides an thorough explanation of IT Service Management (ITSM) in general and ITIL 2001 in particular.

The Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle explains the main ideas behind the new 2011 version of ITIL and runs through each of the five stages of the service lifecycle, covering lifecycle stages, governance and decision-making, the principles behind design and deployment, and operation and optimisation, demonstrating why the service lifecycle approach is best practice in today's ITSM.

Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle includes:

  • The basic concepts and benefits of the ITIL service lifecycle;
  • A summary of each of the five stages of the lifecycle;
  • references to the five core publications, providing an essential companion to them.

Explanation of Concurrent Multi-user Licences

A concurrent multi-user licence enables a number of people to access the full range of ITIL material simultaneously in its full online format. Multi-user access to the material is by IP authentication, password and username, or referral link, which means that any person using these methods will be able to access the material, up to the maximum number of simultaneous users permitted by your licence. As all users of ITIL material within an organisation do not necessarily need to access it simultaneously, a multi-user licence can be a very cost-effective option. A licence covering one concurrent user, for example, may support between 10 and 15 users inside your organisation, depending on the frequency and timing of each user’s access of the material.

You can purchase a multi-user licence by selecting the appropriate amount of users to be covered by the licence in the in the drop-down box above.

We can, and often do, supply multi-user licences for larger organisations which may need hundreds of staff to access the material. Please contact us for a price and any specific information you may need in considering this purchase.

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