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ISO/IEC 27050-1 2016 Standard

ISO/IEC 27050-1 2016 Standard

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Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9780580838293
Pages: 21
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ISO/IEC 27050-1:2016 - Information technology - Security techniques - Electronic discovery. Part 1: Overview and concepts

ISO/IEC 27050:2016 provides an overview of electronic discovery, which is the process of discovering pertinent electronically stored information (ESI) or data by parties involved in an investigation, litigation or similar proceeding.

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The ISO/IEC 27050-1:2016 Standard

ISO/IEC 27050:2016 defines related terms and describes the concepts, including, but not limited to, collection, processing, review, identification, preservation, analysis and production of ESI.

This product also identifies other relevant standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 27037) and how they relate to electronic discovery activities.

ISO/IEC 27050-1:2016 is relevant to both technical and non-technical personnel involved in some or all of the electronic discovery activities. It is not intended to contradict or supersede local jurisdictional laws and regulations, so exercise care to ensure compliance with the prevailing jurisdictional requirements.

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