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ISO 31004 2013 Standard

ISO 31004 2013 Standard

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Publishers: ISO
Format: Hardcopy
Pages: 37
Published: 11 Oct 2013
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ISO TR 31004:2013 - Risk Management - Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000 Standard. 

The ISO/TR 31004:2013 guide gives guidance on the implementation of a risk management framework that is fully aligned with ISO 31000. Using the guidance in this standard will ease ISO 31000 implementation.

This guide provides advice and guidance that can be employed by any organisation anywhere in the world, making it widely applicable.

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The ISO 31004 2013 Standard

ISO/TR 31004:2013 guidance on the implementation of risk management according to the principles in ISO 31000. Specifically it:

  • Details an approach that can be followed to allow organisations to transition their risk management process to be aligned with ISO 31000.
  • Provides an explanation of the principles of ISO 31000.
  • Gives guidance on the risk management framework that is described in ISO 31000.

The advice and guidance within the standard can be employed by any type or size of organisation, no matter where in the world they are.

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