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ISO 27001 FastTrack™ 20 Consultancy

ISO 27001 FastTrack™ 20 Consultancy

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Format: Consultancy
  • This turnkey consultancy package is designed to help small organisations with up to 20 employees reach ISO 27001 certification readiness in just three months.
  • The package includes all the consultancy support you need to help you implement an ISMS quickly and cost-effectively.
  • An experienced consultant will design, develop and establish your ISMS, working with you to undertake all the key activities of setting up an ISMS. 

This consultancy offering is exclusive to ISO 27001 FastTrack™ 20 service. Learn more

For more information about this service or to get a tailored quote for your organisation, please enquire below and one of our experts will be in touch shortly.Enquire about this service

ISO 27001 FastTrack™ 20 Consultancy

Specially formulated for small businesses with 20 employees or fewer, this consultancy service will help you achieve ISO 27001 certification quickly and economically. With Online FastTrack™, we will have you ready for accredited certification.

How does ISO 27001 FastTrack™ 20 Consultancy work?

The ISO 27001 FastTrack™ 20 consultancy puts your ISO 27001 project into the hands of an experienced consultant who will develop an information security management system (ISMS) that works for you, wherever you are, through a variety of channels, including online consultation, telephone calls and file-sharing services.

Your consultant will ensure that all requirements of the Standard are met in a way that embraces any pre-existing practices and documentation while providing the other important elements of the ISMS, thereby making sure that you can achieve certification with minimal disruption to your business.

This service ensures you have an ISMS capable of certification; if you intend to seek certification, this service can be extended with our ISO 27001 FastTrack™ Managed Service, which provides additional ongoing support through certification and beyond.

Please see the full service description for more information.

End-to-end support

You will be assigned a qualified consultant who will undertake all the key activities of setting up a working ISO 27001 ISMS that reflects your business objectives and requirements, and is suitably scaled to the size of your organisation.

The service includes:

  • Information security policy, project plan, ISMS scope and objectives;
  • Mandatory information security risk assessment;
  • Development of all ISMS documentation;
  • Recommendation of the required controls to be implemented based on the risk assessment outcomes;
  • Fundamental security awareness training for staff;
  • Facilitation of the first management review meeting;
  • Internal ISMS audit before certification;
  • Support selecting the right accredited certification body for you.

Why choose ISO 27001 FastTrack™?

  • Significantly reduce the time and effort required to implement an ISMS.
  • Eliminate the costs of extensive consultancy work, travelling and other expenses.
  • Expertise is always on hand, whenever you need it, without having to schedule meetings during work days.
  • Appointments take place at flexible times, and at a location convenient to you and your team.
Why choose IT Governance

Why IT Governance?

IT Governance is the global leader in ISO 27001 ISMS implementation. We’ve helped more than 400 companies successfully achieve certification to the Standard, and were the first in the world to lead an ISO 27001 certification project.Make sure your organisation is ISO 27001 certification-ready in just three months: purchase our FastTrack™ ISO 27001 consultancy service now.



This service is best suited to organisations with fewer than 20 employees (including the CEO and management team) and based in one physical location.

Please see the full service description for more information

Payment terms

We will invoice you for your project on signature. There are two payment options: you may choose to pay the full amount over two instalments (including a 10% fee) or you can save 10% by paying the advertised standard fee.

For the instalment option, the first invoice will be issued upon signature, while the second invoice will be raised one month later. Payment is due within 28 days of invoice date.

Customer Reviews

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1. on 12/02/2016, said:
4 stars out of 5
With the guidance of IT Governance, we were able to implement the Standard using a practical approach that enables us to achieve a good balance of efficiency and tight security. Although IT Governance was on hand to assist with the certification audit, we were well prepared and didn’t need any further assistance. IT Governance were a good partner to have on board and we have already recommended them to our partners
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