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DPA Compliance with BS10012 - Documentation Toolkit

DPA Compliance with BS10012 - Documentation Toolkit

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Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
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ISBN13: 9781849286305
Format: Microsoft Office 2010
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The new DPA toolkit contains all the documentation necessary for an organisation to use BS10012 for compliance with the DPA


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Comply with the DPA using the BS10012 toolkit

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)

The Data Protection Act (DPA) sets out eight principles for securely managing personal information. The DPA does not offer any detailed specification as to comply with these principles, making it difficult for organisations to clearly identify what they have to do to satisfy themselves and others that their management systems are compliant.

Personal Information Management System (PIMS)

BS10012, a British best practice Standard is a specification for a Personal Information Management System (PIMS) which sets out, in detail, all the actions that organisations should take to ensure that they do comply with the DPA.

While compliance with BS10012 does not confer legal immunity, it will certainly put organisations in a position to demonstrate conclusively that they are following recognised best practice in personal information security.

This toolkit provides everything you need to comply with BS10012 (and, consequently, the Data Protection Act).

Everything you need to comply with BS10012

The new PIMS toolkit contains all the documentation necessary for an organisation to use BS10012 for compliance with the DPA. The new toolkit will be capable of integrating into an ISO27001 ISMS and will also contain all the core DPA compliance documents, from a fair processing notice through to a procedure for handling Subject Access Requests.

ITGP toolkits - DPA Compliance with BS10012 Documentation Toolkit

This toolkit contains several model documents, including:

  • DPA Compliance Audit Checklist
  • Staff presentation: "My Role in Data Protection‟
  • Data Protection Policy Manual
  • Mobile computing/notebook security
  • Guidelines on laptop/notebook hard drive encryption
  • Reporting information security events
  • Procedure: retention of records
  • Fair Processing Procedure
  • Procedure for Subject Access Requests
  • ICO - Notification Handbook
  • ICO - Privacy Impact Assessment Overview
  • Compliance & Checking Procedure
  • PIMS Responsibilities - to include in Job Descriptions

Guidance included on how to upload your ITGP toolkit to your SharePoint document management system.

This PIMS Toolkit is designed build on our DPA Toolkit and to integrate with our ISO27001 ISMS Documentation Toolkit. This PIMS toolkit contains all the documents that are in the DPA toolkit, documents from the ISMS Toolkit (both control and management system documents) as well as additional documents specifically for this toolkit.

The documents from the ISO27001 ISMS Toolkit can be used as part of the PIMS (amendments that enable them to stand alone are tracked, to aid those who may want to integrate with the larger toolkit).

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*Office 2010 format is not compatible with MACs.


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