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BreachTrak™ Service

BreachTrak™ Service

SKU: 5627
Authors: DQM GRC
Format: Gold Monitoring Service (Monthly Subscription)
Format: Platinum Monitoring Service (Monthly Subscription)

BreachTrak™ enables you to monitor data usage by both employees and your supply chain – so you can track your data even when it leaves the building and moves beyond your direct control.

  • Find out if your data is being used in a way you don’t expect.
  • Monitor how your data is being used via e-mail, physical mail, landlines, and mobiles.
  • Be alerted if your data has been stolen and offered for sale on the Surface or Dark Web via our Platinum Service.
  • Take action if your data is not being used in accordance with the permissions you have for it (for example, if your marketing team is sending promotions to opted-out individuals).
  • This is a monthly subscription product that you can cancel at any time. (T&Cs apply)  

Please contact us to discuss tracking data for multiple or larger data sets.

This service is provided by IT Governance’s sister company DQM GRC, a specialist in data privacy compliance, data quality and tracking.

Price: £195.00
ex. VAT

25% of employees would sell confidential company data and risk both their job and a criminal conviction.

Detect Data Leakage

BreachTrak is the most comprehensive solution on the market. We can monitor the dark web, surface web, e-mail, phone and post for your data helping you to quickly identify unusual activity.

Easy Set-up

Just add your unique Trakker records into your database and leave the rest to us. Our data tracking service includes a dedicated team of experts to help you every step of the way.

Industry Leader

DQM GRC has unrivaled experience with over 20 years of expertise in data tracking – we’re the most established business in the industry.

Third-parties are responsible for more data losses than any other source.

BreachTrak™ enables you to monitor data usage from both employees and supply chain - giving you the ability to track your data even when it leaves the building and moves beyond your direct control.

It can help organisations of all sizes meet their compliance obligations under the GDPR and other data regulations. BreachTrak™ will quickly identify when your data has been misused - and who by - so you can act immediately and minimise your exposure to a damaging GDPR fine and tarnished brand reputation.

E-mail, phone, post and web. All tracked.

BreachTrak™ works across most communication mediums and will let you know exactly how your data is being used, and who by.

By placing our unique Trakkers into your different systems, such as CRM, finance and operational delivery systems, you can identify and monitor how your data is being used outside of the organisation – and get ahead of any problems that arise.

BreachTrak™ is one of the DQM GRC Services provided to customers to help monitor how data is being used. If you have more complex requirements or would like to find out if this service would protect your data please contact one of the BreachTrak™ team for more information on

Course details

How BreachTrak™ works

  1. Set up your membership account.
  2. Decide what data you want to track and download your unique Trakker records.
  3. Add the Trakkers to your database.
  4. We will monitor how your data is being used via the web, email, phone and post.
  5. Data usage is recorded in your secure online portal, which you can access anytime.
  6. You can set up email alerts that instantly flag unusual activity.

You can also download reports whenever you need them to share information with your team.

Please click on each image for a closer look:

Free brochure download: GDPR Q4 Report 2019
Free brochure download: GDPR Q4 Report 2019
Free brochure download: GDPR Q4 Report 2019
Exams and qualifications

The BreachTrak™ contract includes:




12 month BreachTrak™ license.

Access to the online BreachTrak™ portal and reporting dashboard for up to 5 users.

Five unique UK Trakkers with monthly reporting available on the portal.

Easy download of the Trakker data to place into your data.

Notes facility to keep records of where each Trakker record is placed.

Customisable email alerts for activity.

Daily updates of e-mails, physical mail and telephone records.

Daily updates of surface and dark web activity.

Please note: We will keep copies of all e-mails, physical mail and telephone records for the duration of your account with us and then for a further 2 years.

Ways to learn

About DQM

Formed in 1996 DQM GRC was one of the first specialist consultancies dedicated to advancing all organisations’ data protection and governance capabilities.

Today, we have evolved beyond our original data tracking services to provide a wide range of data privacy (GDPR) compliance services, as well as commercial compliance and data governance technologies that de-risk the use of data so it can excel within every function of your organisation.

Our award-winning range of services and solutions can give any organisation confidence in their data, from SMEs to multinationals and from finance to publishers or utilities – we understand your specific requirements and can provide bespoke and hands-on support via our specialist group of experts.

More information on the BreachTrak™ service can be found on our website -

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