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Service as a Product ("SaaP")

In today's economic climate, when organisations are faced with cutting costs and rising prices, it is difficult to cost-effectively deliver consultancy services to smaller businesses.

Service as A Product (SaaP)
  • Small businesses usually cannot afford the cost of expert consultant engagement.
  • Small businesses do not have the internal resource available to interact fully with an engaged consultant (let alone execute the recommendations).
  • A good consultant costs £850 - £1,500 per day; the smaller client can probably afford, at best, half of this but still wants to know it is getting a quality service.
  • Less expensive consultants have less experience, and cannot be relied on to deliver an adequate quality of service without supervision.
  • Low profitability of smaller clients means that senior management cannot afford to spend much time supervising such delivery. 
  • This tends to put smaller organisations outside the target market for almost every recognised consultancy firm.

IT Governance Ltd, the compliance experts and the one-stop-shop for everything you will need for your information security, business continuity, risk managements and compliance needs, have found a solution to the problem.

The solution is Service as a Product (SaaP).

This means that there are a large number of organisations who need to implement compliance or, security solutions in order to compete with larger companies in their own market.

IT Governance Ltd currently has the following SaaP offerings available:

PCI Services

QSA’s (Qualified Security Assessors) can often be an expensive route to compliance with daily rates starting at as much as £900 a day (and only if you qualify for a reduced rate).  As the smallest QSA contract may take 6- 10 days, this is not always a cost-effective option for the smaller business.

IT Governance has a wealth of experience within the PCI area and extensive ex-QSA resources to draw on. We can offer you a tailored, cost-effective solution to help you reach compliance as soon as possible.

It's called PCI Compliance for the Smaller Business and comes complete with everything required for a smaller organisation to self-certify / attest compliance as required by PCI DSS 1.2 - including unlimited expert online support, documentation and approved website scans.

FastTrack Certification

The IT Governance FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service is specifically designed to prepare your organisation for UKAS-accredited certification to ISO27001:2005 in just 3 months. There is a one-off consultancy fee of £5,000 (see below for further fee information).

The FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service makes certification easy for you. Low-cost, high-speed and with minimal disruption, this unique service removes the need for your organisation to invest significant time, money and effort in researching and acquiring the skill-set necessary to do this all on your own.

The FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service is specifically designed for organisations that:

  • have 19 employees or fewer, and
  • are based at a single location.

Managed Services

Many organisations need monthly support services to help them remain compliant, and IT Governance offers a fixed-price monthly Information Security Support Agreement that can remove all the headaches that go with ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance and information security.

A single source for all Information Security requirements delivering peace of mind through:

  • Monthly Reviews of information security concerns;
  • Guidance on responding to key strategic threats;
  • Availability to answer any questions you may have;
  • Training, Education Awareness support;
  • Management reviews;
  • Continuous improvement support.

Please email us or telephone +44 (0)333 800 7000 and talk to us about how our SaaP services might work for you.