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Free Download: The EU Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive

Adopted by the European Parliament on 6 July 2016, the NIS Directive (Directive (EU) 2016/1148) aims to protect critical infrastructure by achieving a high common level of security in network and information systems across the European Union.

Operators of essential services and digital service providers will face a number of compliance challenges before May 2018 (the date by which EU member states must transpose the Directive into national law), not least in terms of improved security measures and breach reporting obligations.

This green paper explains the applicability of the Directive, summarises its requirements, explains why Brexit will not exempt organisations in the UK from complying, and tells you how your organisation can use international best practice to demonstrate compliance.


  • The six ‘essential’ sectors that must comply

  • Which digital service providers are covered and which are excluded

  • Why Brexit will not exempt organisations in the UK from compliance

  • The functions of the proposed CSIRTs Network

  • Your organisation’s new risk management and incident reporting obligations

  • How cyber resilience helps comply with the Directive

Download this free green paper for a comprehensive guide to the changes your organisation needs to make to ensure it complies with the new EU NIS Directive.

Download this free green paper today!