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Quince Associates

Information Security Assurance

This case study shows how IT Governance helped Quince Associates achieve ISO27001 certification. Enter your email address at the bottom of this page if you would like a PDF version of this case study. Call us on +44 (0)333 800 7000 to discuss your own ISO27001 consultancy requirements.

Quince Associates Case Study

To bring its online interactive communication software, SeeMyData, to market, Quince Associates Limited (‘Quince’) found it imperative to eliminate as much risk as possible to prevent unauthorised access to their systems. IT Governance were able to meet strict security requirements and provide Quince with ISO27001 support and ongoing security assistance.


Quince Associates had made a bid for a contract to provide services on behalf of London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH).

The proposal was accepted with the condition that Quince will have an information security management system in compliance with the ISO27001 standard.


‘We had several security tests by external organisations to check the security of the web hosting arrangements that we had in place. However, we wished to extend the policies we had in place to ensure that we met the needs of ISO27001 across the entire company to ensure that personal or sensitive data would not leak through means other than website attack. The process of working towards ISO27001-compliance has helped focus our thoughts on the way we work as an organisation to ensure that all aspects of work are completed in a secure manner,’ said Matt Terroni, Managing Director.


Quince had already approached a consultancy firm to implement the required information security management system (ISMS).

After several attempts in the first three weeks Quince found itself getting nowhere with the implementation due to lack of commitment from the consultants.

Matt started looking around at other companies and found IT Governance through a web search promoting the use of their ISO27001 toolkit. Looking over the website he recognised the names of Alan Calder and Steve Watkins as experts in the field of ISO27001.

With three weeks remaining to submit the first set of documents required for the implementation of the ISMS for the contract, Quince approached IT Governance for assistance.

The consultancy team took this as a challenge and provided Quince with a proposal in 24 hours and the agreed documents within a week.

The documents included the Statement of Applicability and Risk Treatment Plan amongst others.

IT Governance invested a lot of time producing a Security Plan and relating documentation as a requirement of the client.


The speed and efficiency of IT Governance’s consultants enabled Quince to ensure that an ISMS would be in place as required by the bid agreement.

‘We were extremely satisfied with the work IT Governance put into this and it has resulted in an additional ongoing support contract,’ commented Terroni.

‘IT Governance have been an excellent company to work with. I have been so impressed with the level of support and the expertise that IT Governance provide and will continue to provide us.’

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