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PFIKS develops 'Intelligus', a cyber secure social collaboration tool that fully-supports ISO27001

This case study details how IT Governance helped PFIKS achieve ISO27001 certification. Enter your email address at the bottom of this page if you would like a PDF version of this case study. Call us on +44 (0) 845 070 1750 to discuss your own ISO27001 consultancy requirements.

PFIKS Case Study

PFI Knowledge Solutions (PFIKS) has proven expertise in providing a broad range of Information Technology Services to its clients that include a wide range of national government and public sector organisations.

Howard Jones, Executive Director, began the process of gaining ISO27001 certification in 2009 with expert guidance from IT Governance consultants. Initially, the process of ISO27001 was to help secure a major consultancy contract with HMRC. However, PFIKS soon realised that the management systems aspect of the information security standard, enabled them to improve their development processes and ways of working.

Having adopted the ISO27001 standard, developed an Information Security Management System, and gained accredited certification, the team saw an opportunity to develop their new social collaboration tool, Intelligus. Controls found in ISO27001 helped to improve the cybersecurity resilience of this software application – a decision that impressed Allan Mayo, Director of the Services Policy Unit at HM Government’s Department for Business Innovation & Skills, who selected Intelligus as their Collaborative Workspace Environment.


PFIKS provides a broad range of Information Technology Services to its clients. The company also develops ‘Intelligus’, a social business software solution that manages high volumes of collaborative engagement and conversations among distributed teams, project groups or communities of practice – hence, data Confidentiality, Integrity and Access (C-I-A) is a central concern.

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PFIKS is the developer of a social business software tool used by public funded organisations and not-for profit associations. Intelligus is the next generation of platforms built to manage high volumes of collaborative engagement and conversations among distributed teams, project groups or communities of practice.

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Howard started the project by purchasing an ISO27001 Toolkit from IT Governance, which he customised himself to meet the anticipated requirements of ISO27001 certification by an accredited body (BSI).

“To be honest, when we started, we thought that we could do the whole thing ourselves – the IT Governance toolkit which I found on the web looked, as it indeed was, a bargain to help create our document set and enhance our existing policies; but we also bought the ISO27001 Standard and began to read up on the concepts and ideals of the standard, which meant a page or two digested a day to fit in with my other commitments.”

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Howard is convinced of the value of ISO27001 certification and the management systems approach:

“By adopting 130 of the 133 ISO27001 Controls, PFIKS has been able to:
(a) Improve our own cyber security and management procedures in line with the thinking of much larger global corporate entities and government/public sector organisations, both national and local.
(b) Demonstrate to our prospective clients just how seriously we take information security controls in our software.
Intelligus has been adopted by several UK Police Forces, including the Humberside Police.”

“PFIKS has gained a great deal more than we expected by adopting the ISO27001 standard. We were also extremely impressed by the services, software and resource products – e.g. toolkits – provided by IT Governance. They are a company with strong values at their heart, and considerable skills in their consultants. We were guided through a difficult standard at every step by Nick Orchiston, who showed us – patiently and authoritatively – where we were lacking understanding.

Without the support of IT Governance, we may not have gone forward to achieve certification, but as a businessman with a fast-growing software enterprise, I can say with real confidence: I’m glad we did!”

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