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PCI DSS Training Courses

Staff awareness and training is fundamental for effective information security management and for meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. For an organisation to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a formal security awareness programme must be implemented.

Our PCI DSS training courses will enable you to understand what a PCI DSS-compliant programme is, and implement one in your organisation.

What staff awareness and training courses do we offer?

We provide staff awareness and training courses (both classroom and in-house) for all staff, from foundation-level to advanced courses for IT practitioners and lead implementers seeking compliance with the Standard.

Staff awareness e-learning

This interactive e-learning course is designed to increase employees’ awareness of the PCI DSS requirements, and to provide clear and simple explanations of its key requirements.

The course will help ensure that all employees are taking the correct steps to protect themselves, their organisation and their customers.

PCI DSS Foundation Training Course

This one-day introductory course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of PCI DSS compliance, and delivers practical guidance on how it applies to your organisation.

You will gain a clear understanding of the PCI DSS requirements and their intent.

PCI DSS Implementation Training Course

This three-day course delivers practical guidance on all aspects of implementing a PCI DSS compliance programme.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the intent of each PCI DSS control, and how it applies in a real-world environment. 

Did you know?

If your organisation processes, transmits or stores payment card data, you must comply with the PCI DSS. 

PCI DSS clause 12.6 requires you to implement a formal security awareness programme to make all employees aware of the importance of cardholder data security. Evidence that you have conducted formal staff awareness training must be retained.

Download our PCI DSS staff awareness and training infographic here >>

Benefits of PCI DSS training

  • IT Governance is an acknowledged leader in PCI DSS and cyber security training.
  • Our courses provide a practical, hands-on approach and are delivered by experienced practitioners.
  • Structured learning paths accommodate participants with various levels of knowledge.
  • Focused on improving knowledge and developing skills to ensure compliance.
  • Delivered at our public training centres or as in-house training sessions.
  • Our E-learning is a quick, affordable and effective means of delivering training PCI DSS awareness training to your staff.

Is PCI DSS training right for you?

If you are responsible for implementing the PCI DSS in your organisation, you should ask yourself:

  • Have your employees received a formal security awareness programme to help them understand their responsibilities around protecting cardholder data?
  • Do you understand the PCI DSS requirements, and how to reduce the risk of any possible data breach?
  • Are you aware of the different levels of compliance required by merchants and service providers?
  • Do you understand the controls necessary for your organisation to be able to safely handle cardholder data?
  • Do you need to understand how compliance with the Standard must be reported by merchants and service providers?

Speak to an expert

If you need more information about our PCI courses, we have a team of consultants ready to discuss your requirements.