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Along with the turbulent conditions for businesses in 2021 and coping with the ongoing challenges of coronavirus and remote working, organisations must deal with greater public awareness of privacy rights, understand how Brexit affects their data protection processes and address the increasingly important data privacy implications of cookies.

In the face of these obstacles – and others – your obligations remain the same: you must secure the information you process, comply with data protection laws and ensure international data transfers are lawful. And you still face a daily barrage of cyber threats.

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If you find yourself all at sea, don’t worry: we can help you steer your organisation safely through 2021. What’s more, our products and services can be delivered remotely, so we can continue to help you stay safe and keep sailing.

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Data protection

Last year, organisations across Europe were fined €182 million (£155 million) for violating the GDPR¹ (General Data Protection Regulation).

Complying with data protection laws such as the GDPR and UK DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018 should be a priority for all organisations that process personal information.

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Let our privacy experts handle your data protection compliance obligations for you.

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Our EU–US GDPR Data Transfer Assessment and Action Plan will help you meet your data protection obligations.

If you process EU residents’ information, you need to take steps to ensure you comply with the EU GDPR post-Brexit, as well as ensuring any data transfers of EU residents’ data to the US are lawful following the European Court of Justice’s Schrems II ruling, which invalidated the EU–US Privacy Shield.

Find out more about our EU–US Data Transfer Assessment and Action Plan service

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Business continuity management

Only 31% of organisations have a business continuity plan that covers cyber security.²

Mitigating the risk of business disruption has never been more important.

Ensure your organisation can overcome potential disruptions, such as those caused by remote working, Brexit, or recession, with a robust business continuity management plan.

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Our Business Continuity Pandemic Response Service will help you assess your business continuity practices, and implement and test business continuity management measures to help you respond to pandemic threats.

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Training and staff awareness e-learning courses

Do your staff know how to recognise and respond to phishing attacks?

Last year, phishing was the most common form of cyber attack.²

Educate your staff and reduce the impact on your business with staff awareness training.

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Our Cyber Security for Remote Workers Staff Awareness E-Learning Course will help keep your employees safe when working from home. It has recently been updated to reflect the latest COVID-19 phishing attacks. Try before you buy with a free two-week trial.

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Penetration testing and

On average, it takes organisations 197 days to detect a data breach.³ And the longer it takes you to identify a breach, the more damage you will suffer.

Regular penetration testing helps you quickly identify security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your websites, applications and infrastructure, which you can act on to ensure you are secure from common cyber attacks.

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Our BreachTrak™ Service lets you monitor data usage by both your employees and your supply chain – so you can track your data even when it moves beyond your direct control.

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Documentation toolkits
and compliance software

One fifth of businesses that identify breaches lose money, data or other assets.²

Implement security best practice the easy way and cut your implementation costs with our documentation and software solutions.

Our five-star-rated solutions will help you reduce errors and ensure you get your project right first time.

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Reduce your security risks and meet your compliance obligations the easy way with software tools from Vigilant Software, such as the information security risk assessment tool vsRisk.

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Whatever cyber security challenges you face in the months ahead, we have everything you need to help you recognise your risks, respond appropriately and recover quickly if you do fall victim.

Navigate to cyber safety with IT Governance. Speak to one of our experts today and find out how we can help you.

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