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Zero tolerance on bribery starts with new ABMS Anti-Bribery Documentation Toolkit


If companies do not take bribery seriously, they risk finding themselves in serious trouble. Since the UK Bribery Act 2010, it is a corporate offence if a UK business is found to have failed to prevent bribery. Given the possible 10-year prison sentence and unlimited fine for a prosecution, it is astonishing that many organisations have nothing in place.
Just released by IT Governance Publishing, the ABMS Anti-Bribery Management System Documentation Toolkit, enables organisations to create robust and practical anti-bribery systems. The toolkit also conforms to the specification for implementing an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) based on the recent anti-bribery standard BS10500.
Focusing on how you implement an ABMS rather than attempting to provide detailed financial and corporate governance rules, this unique toolkit explains how to integrate an anti-bribery management system with your existing structure, but it also provides  the templates and guidance necessary to develop a standalone ABMS .
Developed by Alan Field who has particular expertise in auditing and third party assessing Anti-bribery Management Systems (ABMS) to BS10500 and counter fraud systems in the public sector to ISO 9001 requirements, this toolkit will indeed kick start your organisation’s anti-bribery management system.
Alan explains: “The purpose of the ABMS Anti-Bribery Documentation Toolkit is to provide guidance as to how to implement BS 10500:2011. Organisations need to think about what their existing policies and procedures cover in terms of bribery, how can they develop them to accommodate anti-bribery are is it well communicated? These are all vital aspects of BS10500; we are dealing with business ethics and behaviour.”
Whilst this toolkit can help you with many ABMS aspects, it cannot guarantee that your organisation will not face a bribery prosecution – that is down to the culture and training in an organisation and the choices and behaviour of individuals. However, having a robust and well maintained anti-bribery management system in place will educate staff to make the right choices and also display a commitment by the organisation to  ethical behaviour that will stand you in good stead should the worst happen.
Protect your organisation from the consequences of bribery today.
For less than £100 buy the ABMS Anti-Bribery Documentation Toolkit here today:
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