With staff-related incidents on the rise, can information security awareness make a difference?


Information security awareness is perhaps one of the most important factors for protecting both your personal and corporate data nowadays. Deploying security awareness tools that are meaningful to all employees in an organisation is essential for improving its overall security and data protection processes.
The newly published 2013 ISBS technical report doesn’t leave any room for doubt that staff members play a key role in many information security breaches. According to the report 57% of small businesses suffered staff-related security breaches in the last year (up from 45% a year ago). At the same time, 14% of large organisations suffered a security or data breach in the last year relating to social networking sites.
Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, “It is shocking, that despite the rising number of data breaches, 42% of large organisations don’t provide any on-going security awareness training to their staff according to the PwC report. This also explains the fact that 93% of companies where the security policy was poorly understood had staff related breaches.
“Organisations should carrying out staff awareness training annually which should be a combination of briefing staff on induction, e-learning courses, using posters or screensavers as reminders as well as regular updates on new phishing and pharming attacks. Educating staff not only helps ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities, but also improves morale and internal communication.”
Information security staff awareness e-learning courses are considered the modern means to train staff within a corporate environment without affecting their work rhythm. Not only is e-learning the most cost effective and administration-free option, but it include features that makes it fun for staff, whilst providing evidence to directors, HR managers and auditors that staff awareness training has taken place.
IT Governance is a leading developer and provider of staff awareness e-learning courses including information security, DPA and PCI DSS e-learning. A free demo of their courses can be requested online from www.itgovernance.co.uk/itg-elearning.aspx.
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