Why you should be undertaking an information security health check now


Ely, England, 7 March 2012 – Cyber security has become a critical issue for CEOs and boardrooms across private and public sectors across the world. Massive breaches at Sony, RSA and marketing firm Epsilon in 2011 have rightfully attracted the attention of the public and raised awareness of the importance of information security and data protection. Whilst there is no doubt that the attacks will continue, the attention in 2012 should shift from the attackers to the actual measures organisations need to take in order to tackle cyber crime.

Alan Calder, an information security expert and CEO of IT Governance, says, “Implementing an internationally recognised standard such as ISO27001 in a way that it meets the business requirement is a prerequisite for protecting your organisation’s information assets and making it resilient. I would strongly recommend that SMEs spend their remaining budget in March on ISO27001 certification.”

Implementing an ISO27001-compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) offers many benefits including:

· It proves to your stakeholders that you are taking cyber security threats seriously.

· It gives you credibility when tendering for work.

· It helps you to expand into global markets.

· It helps you to retain clients.

· It reduces the number of mistakes and re-works, quickly recouping the expenditure involved.

· It improves structure and focus within your organisation.

“The reason many organisation still have not planned for implementing an ISO27001-compliant ISMS is that they are insecure as to what resources, time and budget they need to invest in the project.” continues Calder, “However, by not putting information security at the top of their corporate agenda, they are putting themselves and their organisation at risk. Data breaches always have financial implications, including loss of customers, reputation damage and fines.”

Calder says, “We have just launched an ISO27001 Compliance and Health Check service which no other consultancy firm offers. This special package is aimed precisely at organisations which need a better understanding of their current situation in terms of information security and want a detailed report describing what they should be doing to improve their defences.”

The ISO27001 Compliance and Health Check service from IT Governance offers tangible benefits and the value it provides to an organisation more than pays the cost. The Health Check is undertaken in a day-long workshop visit on the client’s site. The service is facilitated by an expert consultant with years of ISO27001 feasibility and gap analysis and will result in an easy to understand, detailed report that will provide you with:

  • A gap analysis of your Information Security Management System requirements
  • A list of key areas of non-compliance so that you know what your priorities are
  • An improvement plan setting out what you need to do to achieve compliance
  • A compelling business case for ISO27001 to take to your Board-level managers
  • A no obligation quotation from IT Governance that will set out how we can assist you to achieve your project goals, step by step, with realistic timescales and precise costing.

The ISO27001 Compliance and Health Check can shorten timescales and reduce overheads by providing specialist guidance and support.

Further information about the benefits from ISO27001 certification is available online www.itgovernance.co.uk/ISO27001_Consultancy_Service.aspx. You can book your IS27001 Health Check and Action Plan directly with the friendly, helpful IT Governance service centre team on telephone number +44 (0)845 070 1750.

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