Vigilant Software releases new online tool to help simplify data mapping


Leading compliance software developer Vigilant Software has released its latest online tool to help organisations with their EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance projects.

The Data Flow Mapping Tool is a Cloud-based application that simplifies and standardises the creation of data flow maps. Risk assessments under the GDPR will require organisations to take a ‘privacy-by-design’ approach to assessing the organisational and technical data processes that take place. For high-risk activities, data protection impact assessments will be mandatory, so organisations will need to map the flow of data from concept to delivery.

The Data Flow Mapping Tool will help organisations:

  • Create the data processing records required by Article 30;
  • Identify exactly how and where personal data is processed inside and outside the organisation;
  • Identify inadequacies in the application of the six data processing principles; and
  • Embed data protection by design and by default in their processes.
The Data Flow Mapping Tool makes it easy to create data flow maps, which can be reviewed, revised and updated as and when required. It also helps businesses get a thorough understanding of what personal data they process and why, where it is held and how it is transferred.

The main benefits:

  • Understand the flow of personal data in your organisation.
  • Identify parts of your processes that require additional data protection measures.
  • Identify and eliminate any process inefficiencies.
  • Update the process map as and when changes are made to a process.
  • Save time creating consistent visual representations of your data flows.
  • Produce a version-controlled report that compiles information from your data flow.
The Data Flow Mapping Tool is available on a subscription basis and the annual licence covers up to five users.
To find out how your organisation can benefit from this new tool and arrange a free one-to-one demonstration, contact our team by calling +44 (0)845 033 8228 or clicking here.
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