Top training provider responds to the UK business challenge for delivering core cyber security skills


Ely, England, 15 March 2012 – In the last few months there has been an ongoing discussion regarding the cyber security challenges faced by the UK in particular, but also by the rest of the world.

It intensified with the publication of the UK National Cyber Security strategy in November 2011, according to which, encouraging a ‘cadre of cyber security professionals’ is critical for ensuring that both public and private organisations are protected. At present there are insufficient resources to address pressing cyber security issues. As a result talented individuals with relevant skills and expertise will be increasingly sought after.

Most recently, on 9th March, Baroness Neville-Jones, a Special Representative to Business on Cyber Security, wrote an article in The Times, stressing how important cyber security skills are for the UK businesses and economy. Baroness Neville-Jones warned that there is a “skills gap of daunting proportions and significance” and it is essential to close it by taking a “raft of shorter-term measures to boost numbers now”.

Economic uncertainty, cash management, customer retention and speed of technological change are amongst the key factors that impact on the UK training landscape.

Demand for highly qualified and skilled information security staff defines the current recruitment trends, and the need for more cyber security professionals will be growing in the future. An overview of the core skills is available here:

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, ‘The information security market is more resilient and more broadly based than other employment sectors. Cyber skills are at a premium and any individual who obtains relevant qualifications now is certainly on track to enhance their career prospects.”

“On the other side, it is important that organisations use their available resources and offer them the opportunity to train and gain certification from industry recognised bodies”, continues Calder. “Thus the employers not only ensure that their staff are competent and do their job more effectively, but also increase employee loyalty and satisfaction.”;

IT Governance, a leading training provider of information security training courses, offers a comprehensive range of certified training courses which help IT professionals and organisations compete and survive in the insecure 21st Century. Many organisations have taken advantage of the early Bird pricing and last minute discounts available. Anyone can book on a training course now and attend later in the year. To book, visit this page and select the relevant course:

The company offers special, multi-booking, extra-value discount to organisations who want to send more than one employee on training. This offer is valid for a limited time only and expires end of March. Organisations can send an email to telephone + 44 845 070 1750 to purchase multiple courses.

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