The popularity of ISO 27001 grows as organisations are pressed to demonstrate more control of cyber security


IT Governance, the global leader in cyber security expertise, has reported that growing pressure from customers is causing ever more organisations to seek ISO 27001 certification. Organisations are increasingly required to demonstrate management control of cyber security and the international information security management standard, ISO 27001, provides the vehicle to do this.
Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, “Better protection from cyber crime, improvement of their own operations as well as the assurance certification gives to customers, are among the main reasons for organisations to embrace 27001. As a result, we’ve seen our ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer training course become one of our most popular training courses. We’ve seen it fully booked in London and Manchester in the same month.
“We receive queries about ISO 27001 on a daily basis, from customers looking simply for a book or a toolkit to clients who require a consultant to help them with their project. This has led to our consultancy team growing considerably to meet demand.”
The benefits of ISO 27001 implementation are many. The most widely recognised are:
  • Comply with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements
  • Adopt a risk-based approach that informs senior-level decision-making
  • Win new business opportunities to retain your existing customer-base
  • Differentiate your organisation in the market as standards-compliant
  • Remove the need for completion of detailed security questionnaires
  • Safeguard your own and your client’s valuable intellectual property rights
  • Build trust and confidence that encourages your business partners and customers to entrust confidential data with your company
  • Motivate leaders to maintain focus and impetus on management systems
  • Support a continuous process of improvement throughout the organisation
  • Reduce or remove the need for second-party audits and the associated overhead
As a single-source provider of everything to do with ISO 27001, IT Governance helps clients all over the world handle either different aspects of ISO 27001 implementation or the delivery of the entire project for them.
Customers who take advantage of at least one of the three offers below before the end of June 2013 will receive a free copy of the final draft of the ISO27001 standard, ISO/IEC FDIS 27001 (expected to be released in in the next few days). They will also receive a free copy of the new ISO27001:2013 standard when it is published (expected September 2013).
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