Step-by-step guidance for steering the strategic course for IT in the 21st century now available from IT Governance


IT Governance is delighted to announce that The Quantum Age of IT: Why everything you know about IT is about to change, published by its specialist publishing arm, ITGP, is now available to purchase through all its online bookstores. This insightful work blends a wide range of research and case studies to help you discover the skills you must develop in order to succeed and thrive in The Quantum Age of IT.
Forces are at work, reshaping the very fabric of the IT organization. Driven by our own history, changing perceptions of how technology should work and newfound, but very real, competition, IT organizations are struggling to evolve – but into what? In The Quantum Age of IT: Why everything you know about IT is about to change, Charles Araujo examines what has led us to this point and what it means to the future of IT organizations. With a broad perspective on the fundamental changes affecting the industry, he offers practical guidance that every IT professional needs to compete in this new era of IT.
Randy Steinberg, author of ITIL® Service Operation says, ‘Charles has really nailed it for any executive struggling with IT strategy. How IT got here and where it’s going. This book really hits at the heart of what is missing in IT today and provides step-by-step approaches loaded with examples for steering the strategic course for IT in the 21st century. An easy read, yet will get the creative juices flowing for any IT professional executive!’
The Quantum Age of IT: Why everything you know about IT is about to change is written by Charles Araujo, founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute and a recognized leader and expert in the areas of IT transformation and IT organizational change. Whether you are an IT executive, or just beginning your career, you will benefit from the thought-provoking work Charles has created using his vast experience. This book offers you the key insights you need to understand what is happening and what is coming, enabling you to:
  • Understand how and why your IT function has changed and define its future role.
  • Compete in this new age by embracing the five traits that will define the IT organization of The Quantum Age.
  • Remain effective and relevant as you understand and implement fundamental changes to future-proof your IT function.
  • Maintain and develop excellent customer relations by better understanding your clients and their requirements
  • Meet the unique needs of all your customers, as you adopt the five key skills that all IT professionals will have to have
‘What a great, insightful and thought-provoking work! The best part is that Charlie makes it practical and easily understandable with his real-life examples. Finally a road-map for IT professionals who want to thrive in the business world in which they are being thrust.’ comments Jaime L. Rosado, Jr, Col (ret), USAF, Medical Services Corps.
Charles adds, ‘I am so excited to share the ideas in this book. While this book took over a year to research and write, it has really been the result of conversations, ideas and debates stretching over the last ten years. I truly believe that we are entering one of the most exciting times for our industry and for IT professionals everywhere.  But it is also a very dangerous time for those who do not understand what is happening and what it will mean to them. That’s the real reason that I wrote this book. To help IT organizations and professionals understand what is coming and, with that knowledge, to thrive as we enter The Quantum Age of IT.’
The Quantum Age of IT can be purchased in multiple formats from: (UK) for £39.95 (US) for $39.95 and (EU) for €39,95.
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