‘Software Life cycle Management Standards’ book is a success at 2011 IAITAM Conference


Ely, England, 25 October 2011 – The 9th Annual IAITAM Conference took place in Las Vegas earlier this month and is the ITAM industry’s longest running event. Designed to bring ITAM industry professionals together it aims to bridge the gap between asset management and organisational goals, this year doing so by providing the latest tools and practices through six different tracks over a three day period.

Author of the ITGP publication, Software Life Cycle Management Standards: Real world scenarios and solutions for savings, David Wright, attended the conference and exhibition after being invited by ISO/IEC to make an appearance on their booth. Whilst he was there, David also took part in a ‘Meet the author’ book signing event, where the book was a great success, resulting in all the copies being sold.

David Wright signing copies of his book on the ISO/IEC Booth at the 2011 IAITAM Conference.

The book which focuses on the Software Asset Management (SAM) standards developed by ISO working group 21 is an informative guide that describes the ISO/IEC 19770 Standard and its applicability to the entire software lifecycle, not just merely focusing upon the SAM aspects of the lifecycle. It will guide Software Publishers along the implementation path, showing them the route to financial rewards, whilst at the same time, showing Enterprise Software Consumers the route to savings.

Software Life Cycle Management Standards: Real-world scenarios and solutions for savings, will help readers apply ISO/IEC 19770 to their business and enjoy the rewards it offers. In the book, David calls on his vast experience to provide up-to-date information using practical examples, clear diagrams and entertaining anecdotes.

David adds, ‘I was intrigued to see the level of interest shown in my book at IAITAM. I have long maintained that the intense focus on Software Asset Management is a good place to start but that the pain felt is actually a symptom of a deeper set of root causes that are found by addressing the entire life cycle of software licensing and entitlement. This was echoed by many I spoke with at IAITAM. The problems are not solved by ISO/IEC 19770, but by using the standards as a common platform across the life cycle we are able to provide excellent foundations upon which to isolate all of the root causes and build solutions’.

Steve Klos, Executive Director of TagVault.org says, ‘There is strong interest from software publishers and their customers to improve the reliability and consistency of software identification in order to provide more automated and consistent IT operations. It is clear that books such as David’s help advance the industry and provide the information required to understand the application and benefits of ISO SAM standards for Software Life Cycle Management in the IT environment. We need to make fundamental changes to the infrastructure of the software ecosystem in order to adequately manage the exponential growth we are currently seeing in the software industry and David’s book helps lead the way’.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance comments, ‘This book does a fine job of showing the reader how the standard can help fine-tune their processes and help them understand the "true business value" of their software investment. It’s a fantastic addition to our portfolio and I’m delighted by the support it has received from ISO/IEC and the much deserved success it enjoyed at the IAITAM conference and exhibition.’

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