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Slowdown of ISO 27001 certifications globally may be due to lack of skilled resources, says IT Governance


The recently published ISO Survey 2014 revealed a slow 7% increase in ISO 27001 certifications globally in 2014. In comparison, the growth rate in 2013 was 14% and 13% in 2012. However, the rate of growth in the UK is 17.5% and similar in US. This, according to cyber security firm IT Governance, suggests that businesses in some regions may be falling behind owing to a lack of skilled resources and government leadership.
Alan Calder, the founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, says, “Compared with previous years’ increases, a 7% growth rate may seem low, but it’s important to look at the ISO 27001 growth rates on a country-by-country basis in order to grasp the whole picture.
“The ISO report shows that the UK, with a 17.5% growth rate, is continuing to push ahead, reflecting the UK Government and industry commitment to cyber security. The USA, where cyber security is also on the government’s agenda, is close behind. On the other hand, the slower growth of ISO 27001 certification in other countries may be down to a lack of resources and government support. Our experience shows that organisations in these countries are keen to get the benefits from ISO 27001 certification but don’t have access to appropriate knowledge and expertise. IT Governance’s ISO 27001 online courses are designed to support exactly those organisations and to close the global knowledge gap.”
ISO 27001, the international information security management standard, provides a comprehensive, company-wide framework for managing cyber security risks and protecting an organisation’s information assets.
According to the latest ISO report, the top five countries for ISO 27001 growth are the United Kingdom, China, India, Australia and the United States. Japan, the United Kingdom, India, China and Italy have the largest numbers of ISO 27001 certificates issued to date.
Meeting supply chain requirements and improved competitiveness are among the key drivers for implementing ISO 27001, according to IT Governance’s ISO 27001 Global Report 2015. 96% of all respondents who undertook the survey believe that ISO 27001 plays or will play an important role in improving their company’s information security.
The government’s 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey (ISBS) acknowledged that “ISO 27001 remains the leading standard for security management.”
Calder adds, “With data breaches on the rise and the imminent threat of new major vulnerabilities, organisations must do everything in their power to improve cyber security.
“ISO 27001 not only helps you get the basics right, but it also ensures you implement a company-wide information security management system that, if maintained and updated properly, will provide an ongoing protection from cyber attacks.”
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