Screen privacy filters increase data security and help you meet the ISO27001 protection equipment control


Ely, England, 24 February 2012IT Governance Ltd, the global leader in cyber security and data protection information, standards, books, tools and training, has added two hardware products to its comprehensive range of cyber security resources. 3M Black Privacy Filters for desktops and laptops are an effective solution to prevent those prying eyes in non-secure locations seeing your confidential data. The filter is also available in gold - 3M Gold Privacy Filters for desktops and laptops – delivering double the visual security and additional screen clarity for comfortable, secure viewing.

Shoulder surfing is a common problem these days and may also be a cause of data breaches. High traffic areas including public locations and open offices pose a particular risk to confidential information.  In ISO27001 control 9.2.1 states ‘Equipment shall be sited or protected to reduce the risks from environmental threats and hazards, and opportunities for unauthorised access.’

Taking the above into account the 3M Black Privacy Filter is a cost-effective visual security solution. 3M Privacy Filters employ micro-louvre black-out privacy technology to prevent anyone viewing your screen from either side whilst allowing you to continue to view your screen with ease, as depicted below.

To see a video demonstrating the use and the benefits from using 3M Black Privacy Filters for laptops and desktops visit the IT Governance YouTube channel.

Organisations can order 3M Black Privacy Filters for laptops and desktops online here Purchases can be made directly with the friendly, helpful IT Governance service centre team on telephone number +44 (0)845 070 1750. Larger organisations can make purchases with a purchase order either by telephone or by e-mail to

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