Scotland-based SMEs can now apply for £1,500 vouchers to achieve Cyber Essentials certification


Cyber security consultancy firm and CREST-accredited certification body IT Governance is urging Scotland-based small and medium-sized enterprises to claim the £1,500 voucher to achieve certification to the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme.
The voucher scheme, developed by the Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership, follows a report that showed that one in ten Scotland-based small businesses are not concerned about or prepared for a cyber attack. Moreover, 19% of small businesses admitted not taking any action to prevent or avoid a cyber attack.
To overcome these major cyber security concerns and help businesses improve their cyber security, the Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership has introduced a voucher scheme offering £1,500 to help Scottish SMEs achieve certification to Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus.
The voucher scheme demonstrates that it “is an award to help organisations secure the services of an industry expert to help them with their cyber security strategy. This expert will also be able to answer any questions they might have to help them get their systems sense checked by the Cyber Essentials UK Government Standard. The voucher is of the value of up to £1.5k per company”. To find out about the voucher scheme, read the official FAQ.
Cyber Essentials (CE) is a cyber security certification scheme that sets out a baseline of cyber security suitable for all organisations. The scheme requires five key security controls to prevent “around 80% of cyber attacks”.

To help SMEs achieve certification to the Cyber Essentials scheme, IT Governance has developed three packaged solutions: Do It Yourself (DIY), Get A Little Help and Get A Lot Of Help. These packages aim to suit any organisation’s needs when applying for either Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Each Cyber Essentials packaged solution is available at a transparent price that enables every organisation to know exactly what their chosen journey to Cyber Essentials certification will cost, and includes additional support and tools for those who prefer a little more help with their certification application.

To find out more about IT Governance’s Cyber Essentials packaged solutions, please visit the website, contact the consultancy team directly at or call +44 (0) 845 070 1750. 
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