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Penetration testing is a vital component of cyber security


IT Governance, the global cyber security provider, is urging organisations to test their networks and web applications in response to two new reports that reveal alarming statistics about corporate cyber security.
The newly released 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report (GSR) revealed that 98% of tested web applications and 95% of tested mobile applications were found to be vulnerable to attack. Moreover, the M-Trends 2015 report revealed that hackers were present on an organisations’ networks for an average of 205 days before being detected.
Geraint Williams, head of technical services at IT Governance and a CREST-qualified penetration tester, says, “Websites and web applications are an attractive target for cyber criminals as they often have vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited.
“The fact that an organisation has not yet been breached, for instance, does not necessarily mean that it won’t be at some point in the future. There’s also the possibility that it has already been breached without anyone even noticing.”
Identify your vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do
An effective form of defence against automated cyber attacks is regular penetration testing. Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step in protecting your systems, so an organisation that conducts regular penetration tests stands a much better chance of blocking cyber attacks.
Williams says, “Regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests are necessary to determine your vulnerabilities and security holes as quickly as possible, and to ensure that your security controls are working.”
IT Governance offers fixed-price or bespoke penetration tests that can meet every testing requirement and budget.
The Network Infrastructure, Wireless Network, and Web Application penetration tests are currently available with a 10% discount.
Organisations can book their penetration test with IT Governance online or call +44 (0)845 070 1750. Alternatively they can send an email to request a custom quote.
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