Organisations urged to keep on top of penetration testing and PCI compliance as cyber attacks provide major financial incentives


IT Governance, the leading provider of cyber security, PCI DSS and penetration testing services and products, is urging organisations to keep on top of their penetration testing, PCI DSS compliance and information security as cyber attacks continue to provide major financial incentives for cyber criminals.
The statement comes in response to a recent report that showed that the overall costs of cyber security incidents and data breaches are much higher than the financial impact of burglary over the same period of time.
Alan Calder, the founder and chief executive officer of IT Governance, said: “As cyber attacks continue to provide major financial incentives for cyber criminals, organisations need to focus on mitigating their cyber risks by conducting penetration tests, internal assessments and audits, and identifying unaddressed security issues.”
IT Governance’s penetration testing services are designed to present organisations with the vulnerabilities and risks they face, along with recommendations for remedial actions. Organisations looking for the most effective way to identify their vulnerabilities can opt for IT Governance’s Web Application Penetration Test, Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Test, or the Combined Infrastructure and Web Application Penetration Test.
“Merchants and service provider organisations that accept, store or process cardholder data are top targets for cyber criminals, and are urged to conduct internal assessments and gap analyses in order to avoid the serious consequences of failing to comply with the PCI DSS,” Alan Calder continued.  
Organisations that accept payment cards (‘merchants’) wishing to adequately test the security of all in-scope systems can ensure compliance with the latest version of the PCI DSS by taking advantage of IT Governance’s PCI DSS Compliance Documentation Toolkit, PCI DSS Gap Analysis and PCI DSS Implementation and Continual Improvement.
For more about IT Governance’s penetration testing and PCI DSS products and services, visit the website, email or contact the team direct on +44 (0)845 070 1750. 
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