Newly launched IT Legal Compliance Database helps IT professionals remain compliant with over 90 laws


IT Governance is pleased to have launched a new and updated version of its IT Legal Compliance Database software, designed to help organisations meet their regulatory and legislative obligations as they pertain to data security requirements.
The tool, available online, was developed by Vigilant Software, the creators of leading risk assessment software vsRisk™.
The Compliance Database is an ideal tool to provide auditors with a concise overview of an organisation’s compliance status with over 90 pieces of legislation in the United Kingdom.
Alan Calder, the founder and chief executive officer of IT Governance Ltd, explains: “The IT Legal Compliance Database provides a single solution for all information security professionals who have to wrestle with a sprawling list of legal compliance requirements contained within a deluge of laws and regulations.
“With this tool, there is no need to find and interpret the relevant clauses as they pertain to information security, since the tool provides all that information in a handy, digestible format.
“Moreover, the Compliance Database is aligned with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which means that organisations seeking compliance with the Standard will be able to easily view the recommended controls that apply to each specific clause within the relevant acts and statutes. This will enable the ISO 27001 lead implementer to ensure that the right controls are applied to ensure optimum compliance.”
The IT Legal Compliance Database also includes regular updates on the latest laws and regulations, enabling organisations to stay abreast of the changing regulatory environment.
The product can be purchased from the IT Governance website and is available on an annual subscription basis.
A short product demonstration can be arranged by contacting IT Governance on

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