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New report: 98% say ISO 27001 standard improves information security posture


Following the increase in the scale and frequency of cyber attacks and data breaches, implementing ISO 27001 – the international standard for information security management – has become a top priority for organisations. According to a new report’s findings,  the most important benefit of ISO 27001 was an improved information security posture in 98% of cases.
The ISO 27001 Global Report 2016 presents the results of a survey of information security professionals from around the world who have implemented (40%), are implementing (40%) or intend to implement an information security management system (20%) that complies with the international best-practice standard, ISO 27001.

The key findings of the survey suggest that ISO 27001 directly improves an organisation’s information security posture (98%), creates competitive advantage (56%) and it delivers return on investment (52%). Meanwhile, findings show that implementing ISO 27001 strongly requires external assistance and support, such as: penetration testing (54%), staff awareness training tools and resources (39%), and vulnerability assessments (34%).

Alan Calder, founder and chief executive officer of IT Governance, says: “Our research shows that organisations lack the skills and resources to identify vulnerabilities, create policies and processes, and raise awareness among employees about the importance of the information security. Given the current shortage of cyber security skills, it is essential that businesses support professional development and encourage employees to acquire the qualifications that will help achieve ISO 27001 certification.”

The ISO 27001 Global Report 2016 is based on an online survey conducted between May and July 2016 by IT Governance on a sample of 250 respondents from organisations of all sizes across the world. The respondents included professionals from the technology, financial and business service sectors, telecommunications, and local authority/government, most occupying roles that oversee information security such as compliance manager, risk manager, IT director, ISMS manager and CISO.

Download the report to get more detail about the ISO 27001 Global Report 2016 findings >>

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