New ITGP book launched – Everthing you wanted to know about organisational change


Ely, England, 16 September 2011 – Why do organisations change? What are the risks involved? Can we resist change? What is the best way to manage it? What are the key factors that drive change, and how? Why are some changes easier to survive than others?

The latest book to be added to the ITGP portfolio and the first to be published in the Everything you want to know about series answers these questions. Everything you want to know about Organisational Change is a practical guide that recognises that every organisation functions differently, has different goals, and faces different challenges. It will give you the tools you need to understand the factors influencing your organisation, to identify how your business must respond, and to implement the necessary changes. It gives particular consideration to the role of IT in managing change, and the way in which it can be both an enabler and an inhibitor of change.

The authors Darren Arcangel and Brian Johnson both have extensive experience with change. Darren, VP, Principal Services Architect at CA Technology has been the lead architect for some of the organisation’s largest enterprise IT service management implementations, which have involved the integration of a variety of business and IT applications. Brian led the major project within OGC that created the first government service desk based on customer needs, and held a number of key leadership and strategic roles in government and private companies, before joining CA Technology Services in 2004.

Using their knowledge and experience, and combining it with expertise drawn from a number of CA Service individuals, Brian and Darren have created a book that will be very useful to practitioners undergoing change. As it evaluates ‘old school’ and modern-day practices, and discusses the advantages of bringing the best of both ‘worlds’ together, Everything you want to know about Organisational Change will enable readers to:

  • Know about the key drivers of change and how to respond to them
  • Identify when change is necessary, and the risks of resistance
  • Understand the key things to consider when faced with change – Why? What? How? Who? When?
  • Be aware of the six major facets of business and how they interconnect
  • Use IT to maximum effect, facilitate your path to change and minimise potential problems
  • Manage the transition.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, adds, “I am excited to announce that this is the first publication of a new series for ITGP. Change is a topic that will affect everyone in business. Increasingly organisations are using IT to reduce overheads, which inevitably leads to change. If you are looking to survive this continual process then this book is for you. Furthermore, we were delighted to work with two such senior members of CA Technologies to bring these insights and tactics to the surface.”

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