New Cybercrime book in demand as threat intensifies


Ely, England, 9 March 2012 – Already in February 2012, we have seen the Interpol website brought down after members of Anonymous launched a series of denial-of-service attacks, following the arrests of 25 suspected members of the hacking activist group.

This follows a proliferation in cyber attacks across the world in 2011 against a wide variety of targets including SMEs, multi-national organisations and governmental departments. This demonstrates that hackers and cyber criminals are indiscriminate when choosing their targets and are unlikely to stop attacking anytime soon. It is clear by this that all organisations need to take preventative action in 2012.

Now in March 2012, Reuters have announced that, a report prepared for the US Congress, Chinese cyber capabilities could put US forces at risk. Correspondence of this has been undertaken by Jim Wolf for Reuters, highlighted ‘Chinese Cyberwarfare would pose a "genuine risk" to the U.S. military in a conflict’ and, that ‘the Chinese military's close ties to large Chinese telecommunications firms create a path for state-sponsored penetrations of supply networks for electronics used by the U.S. military, government and private industry’.

It is no wonder why, then, several events are taking place this month designed to help individuals and organisations prepare themselves for the fight against cybercrime. I-4’s (International Information Integrity Institute) first Forum of the year has just taken place, as it moves into its twenty-fifth anniversary year, and consistently strives to be the world’s leading forum for senior information security professionals. 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare, a timely, new publication from ITGP was showcased at the event on the KPMG stand.

21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare, from ITGP, is a comprehensive and in-depth review of the Chinese role in cyberwarfare. Drawing on a combination of cultural, historical, business, linguistic and personal experience, the book attempts to explain China to the uninitiated. It describes how the combination of Chinese Communism and the unique cultural and linguistic heritage of the People’s Republic of China are driving Chinese cyber activity.;

The author of 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) William Hagestad II, an internationally recognised subject matter expert, has now been announced as the closing key note speaker at the European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum event on 12th March. His presentation will contain an overview of the international cyber threat landscape and how governments, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and commercial enterprises have been attacked. The book itself will again be showcased and available for sale at the event.

Following this, The Future of Cyber Security 2012 event takes place on 19th March at Canary Wharf, London and delegates will have the opportunity to visit the IT Governance Ltd stand and purchase their very own copy of 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance adds, ‘This book is an outstanding contribution to a better understanding of cybersecurity challenges that should be read by information security professionals all over the world. With international concern about cybersecurity greater than ever, this book could not have been published at a better time and it will help organisations to stay ahead of the escalating threats.’

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