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New Cyber Health Check service helps SMEs put cyber security on the front foot


IT Governance, the fast-growing cyber security services provider, has launched a new fixed-price Cyber Health Check service for small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs). The service delivers on-site consultancy and audit with remote vulnerability assessments to evaluate organisations’ cyber security posture. 
The results from a BT survey revealed in February 2014 showed that UK companies are lagging behind their US counterparts in crucial areas. The difference in levels of preparedness correlates with attitudes to threats, according to the results. Some threats such as non-malicious insider threat and hacktivism are being treated as more severe. Generally, US companies take threats more seriously than UK businesses.
Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, says, “With the proliferation of cyber attacks, the UK organisations’ ability to assess the cyber risks and put relevant controls in place will be increasingly tested. Those who take the right measures, and on time, will be able to withstand an attack and those, who don’t, will fail. Identifying the gaps between your targeted risk mitigation position and your current situation is a critical step for developing a business-led cyber security strategy that will ensure your future business resilience.”
In the context of emerging technology like Cloud services and the Internet of things UK businesses may find themselves unprepared for a growing number of cyber threats.
Calder adds, “Migration to the Internet and increasing software sophistication will, between them, introduce more and more software vulnerabilities which will be exploited by savvy cyber attackers. Many organisations will be shocked out of complacency by discovering that, rather than never having had an attack, their defences were actually breached months ago.”
The two-day Cyber Health Check service has been designed to help SMEs put cyber security on the front foot and catch up with more advanced organisations. It is split in four phases with the outcome of providing a report and practical guidance for next steps.
The service can be booked online here:  www.itgovernance.co.uk/shop/p-1537-cyber-health-check.aspx.
Alternatively, clients can speak to IT Governance’s customer service team by phoning 0845 070 1750.
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