New book shows how to turn your internal audit into a value-adding, transformational tool


Ely, England, 21 July 2014 An organisation hoping to comply with any of the International Standards for management systems (e.g. ISO9001, ISO27001) must carry out internal audits. However, most internal auditors train with materials designed for external audits. This means that many internal audit programmes are little more than compliance monitoring, box-ticking exercises, adding little value to the organization.

A Guide to Effective Internal Management System Audits by Andrew W Nichols, is the new book from IT Governance Publishing that challenges this approach and shows how the internal auditing process can become a tool for development and continual improvement in management systems.

Andrew explains: “I wrote the book for auditors and ISO management representatives who are seeking to improve their internal audits beyond simple compliance and registration, and want their actions to add value to their organization including obtaining support from their management for corrective actions.”

A Guide to Effective Internal Management System Audits is a great starting point for those who are new to internal management system audits and want to understand how to carry out internal audits that do more than satisfy the annual compliance check.

Steve Watkins, Director at IT Governance Ltd, explains the benefits of this approach: “the alignment of internal management systems audit activity with your organisation’s objectives and operations should and can provide the insight and information required to deliver real improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation. In addition it should provide the assurances management and stakeholders require. Texts such as this book can help auditors develop a strong foundation and understanding on which they can build in order to demonstrate the value they and the internal management systems audit process has to offer.”

A Guide to Effective Internal Management System Audits is available from good booksellers or directly from IT Governance in multiple formats (including Paperback, Adobe eBook, Kindle and ePub) from: (UK) for £19.95, (US) for $29.95 and (EU) for €22,95


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