New book explains how to review IT in due diligence


In a world of increasing cyber attacks and information security threats, due diligence needs to be applied to the IT systems and services of businesses that are merging. Unfortunately, information risk management (IRM) professionals are often pushed to the sidelines in the due diligence process.
Reviewing IT in Due Diligence, a new title from IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), fills in a gap in the market by providing expert guidance on the key IT issues that need to be considered in the due diligence process.
The book is presented in an easily digestible style and explains how to conduct an IT due diligence review, from scoping to reporting, and includes information on post-merger integration to maximise business benefits from the deal.
ITSM specialist Chris Evans reviewed the book, writing: “I found this book very interesting. Due diligence is one of those functions that happens way before us ‘IT’ers get involved and so this is a useful insight into the work that happens up front and the evidence we can obtain for our work even if we were not involved in the initial due diligence."
For more experienced practitioners, Reviewing IT in Due Diligence provides fresh insight into the process, highlighting issues that need to be addressed, and provides a business case for IRM involvement in the due diligence process.
Reviewing IT in Due Diligence is available from IT Governance in multiple formats (including softcover, Adobe eBook, Kindle and ePub): (International) (USA) (EU) (Asia-Pacific) (India and South Asia) (South Africa)
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