New addition to the IT Governance catalogue: Fundamentals of Assurance for Lean Projects


The international information security experts IT Governance have added a new title to their catalogue: Fundamentals of Assurance for Lean Projects: An overview for auditors and product teams by Christopher Wright.
Lean is a way of thinking based on practices, strategies, tools and methods that can be applied to maximise value and minimise waste while ensuring that processes achieve corporate goals.
Product overview
Fundamentals of Assurance for Lean Projects explains the fundamental concepts of Lean and how they can be applied to any project, including software development and organisational change.
It explains the jargon and dispels the mystique that surrounds Lean, providing readers with guidance and tips on performing audits or assurance reviews for Lean projects.
It also describes how Lean fits with Agile and Kanban, and how it can be combined with Six Sigma to create an efficient, high-quality approach. The book provides strong practical guidance for those tasked with providing assurance for Lean projects.
Topics covered include:
·         The five main Lean principles and their significance.
·         Tools used for root-cause analysis (the five whys and fishbone analysis).
·         Defining and modelling customer value, and innovative responses to customer needs (the Kano model).
·         Common causes of waste and how to improve flow.
·         Customer pull and Kanban mechanisms to manage the associated flow of processing and information.
·         The pursuit of perfection (Kaikaku and Kaizen) and total quality management (TQM).
·         The application of Lean principles to software development.
·         Practical suggestions for approaches to auditing.
Read this book to learn about the approach and principles of Lean, the governance of Lean projects, and Lean audit and review.
Fundamentals of Assurance for Lean Projects is available from IT Governance in softcover, Adobe eBook and ePub formats: (UK) (USA) (EU) (APAC) (Southern Africa)
Fundamentals of Assurance for Lean Projects is part of the Fundamentals Series, co-published by IT Governance Publishing and Information Security Buzz.
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