Managing Successful Programmes Manual – A core study and handy reference resource


Ely, England, 28 February 2012IT Governance Ltd, the one-stop-shop for a comprehensive range of PMBOK, PRINCE2® and project governance resources, advises programme management professionals that the Managing Successful Programmes Manual – 2011 Edition is a must companion reading for the relevant MSP® course, or as a handy reference in their day-to-day duties.  The manual can be ordered immediately here:

The related Managing Successful Programmes Pocketbook - 2011 Edition has just been published and single copies of the pocketbook can be ordered here:

The Managing Successful Programmes Manual – 2011 Edition combines rigour and flexibility, helping all organisations achieves successful outcomes from their programmes. MSP 2011 can be employed by public, private, or not-for-profit organisations, large or small.

MSP 2011 is accessible by programme teams and organisations, as well as by individual practitioners. It helps programme management practitioners improve their decision making at programme level and become better at implementing beneficial change.

The MSP Manual - 2011 Edition provides clearer guidance on how a programme deals with multiple business change managers. It describes a best practice approach to designing and running programmes to implement business change - leading to improved efficiency and business benefit.

The MSP Manual - 2011 Edition is illustrated with real life examples and helpful tips for putting best practice into real life situations. The guidance in this latest edition has been revised to capture the latest thinking on programme management best practice. This means the information within the manual is up-to-the-minute.  The fact that all of the latest technological and best-practice developments have been taken into consideration make it relevant.

The MSP Manual - 2011 Edition includes new guidance covering assurance and integrated assurance - topics not regularly covered in other programme management books. This makes the MSP 2011 manual essential for any programme management professional.

The Managing Successful Programmes Manual – 2011 Edition can be purchased in local currency from the following websites:

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