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Knowing the business and legal requirements important for achieving ISO27001 compliance


Ely, England, 6 February 2012 – Project managers responsible for implementing an ISO27001-compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) know that there are five controls in ISO/IEC 27001 Annex A which impose specific requirements. According to these, organisations need to, first, identify and, second, stay up-to-date with statutory and regulatory requirements (Clause 4.2.1 b. 2).

Given that are over 70 information-related laws and statutes in force in the UK fulfilling the above requirements doesn’t seem an easy task. IT and compliance managers face the problem of becoming familiar with the laws, identifying the ones they need to comply with and ensuring compliance with them.

IT Governance, the single-source provider for everything related to ISO27001 and information security, offers a product which comfortably addresses the above issues and provides effective and efficient solutions to project managers.

The ISO27001 Compliance Database and Update Service is the only product on the market that holds a repository of all the 71 statutes and regulations relevant to ISO27001. Updated for 2011, the ISO27001 Compliance Database includes 10 new laws and offers regular updates (depending on the subscription period) as and when new laws are published.

The ISO 27001 Compliance Database and Update Service identifies the specific clauses within each legal instrument that organisations must comply with, providing best-practice guidance on how to comply with that clause. It also enables an ISMS project manager to select appropriate controls at the individual clause level.

A video demonstrating how the ISO27001 Compliance Database and Update Service works is available online at www.itgovernance.co.uk/products/3161.

Subscriptions to the ISO27001 Compliance Database and Update Service can be made online here: www.itgovernance.co.uk/products/3161, or by contacting IT Governance’s friendly service team on +44 (0) 845 070 1750, or via e-mail to servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk.

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