ITGP Launches Official APMG Licensed Pocket Guide – The Concise PRINCE2®


Ely, England, May 2012 – PRINCE2® is a highly successful project management method. For those who are sitting PRINCE2 exams, or embarking on their first project, there's a lot to learn and remember. How do you capture the fundamental principles, the essential themes, and bring them to mind when you need them?

The latest publication from IT Governance Publishing provides the answer. The Concise PRINCE2®: A Pocket Guide has completed the accreditation process with APMG – licensees of PRINCE2® products, making it an Official PRINCE2® product.

Written by former Chief Examiner for PRINCE2®, Colin Bentley, The Concise PRINCE2®: A Pocket Guide contains all you need to prompt your memory at the crucial time. With helpful diagrams and tables it will enable you to:

  • bring to mind the information you need, just when you need it
  • keep the key principles at the forefront of your mind
  • focus on what you are trying to achieve
  • follow the correct processes, in the right order
  • tailor the system to suit your needs and objectives
  • prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam
  • utilise the information to understand the methodology and to help you on your way to passing the exam
  • manage a successful project from beginning to end
  • add value to your business.

Colin Bentley has been a project manager since 1966 and has managed many projects, large and small, in several countries. He has been working with PRINCE2®, PRINCE® and its predecessor, PROMPT II®, since 1975. He wrote the major part of the original PRINCE2® manual and many of its revisions.

A former Chief Examiner for PRINCE2®, Colin wrote all the original Foundation and Practitioner exam papers. Now retired, he has had over 20 books published, has lectured widely on PRINCE2® and has acted as a project management consultant to many large firms.

Colin has used this unparalleled knowledge and experience to create this fantastic, invaluable guide. The Concise PRINCE2®: A Pocket Guide provides the only checklist you’ll need, whether studying for the exam or undertaking projects in the real world. A quick reference guide, it cuts straight to the salient information required, explaining key principles in an easily digestible way, all presented in a clear and easy to follow format.

John Howarth, PRINCE2® Trainer and Registered PRINCE2® Consultant comments, ‘… In this publication Colin Bentley makes it crystal-clear what PRINCE2 is all about. He cuts through the detail and narrative that is a necessary part of the official manuals to provide a short, pithy publication that is easily digested. A wonderful introduction for newcomers to the method, a must-have for experts and practitioners who can use it as a lean companion to remind them of the essentials, and mandatory reading for all executives who have PRINCE2 in their organisation...’

Chris Evans, MBCS DPSM - ITSM Specialist says, 'The clear and concise style of this pocket guide provides candidates with a good understanding of the key points required for examination success. I would consider this an essential tool for anyone considering becoming a PRINCE2 practitioner and a useful reference guide for those who have already achieved the qualification.'

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance explains, ‘PRINCE2 is a complex methodology that is recognised globally as the Standard for project management. Anyone studying for either the Foundation or Practitioner Exam will find tremendous value in this splendid pocket guide. Not only will it benefit those studying, but also PRINCE2 Practitioners embarking on their first few projects, who can use it as a refresher to remind themselves of the essentials. Pocket-sized and at a handy price, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.’

The Concise PRINCE2®: A Pocket Guide can be purchased in multiple formats from: (UK) for £24.95, (US) for $14.95 and (EU) for €11,95.

ITGP Launches Official APMG Licensed Pocket Guide – The Concise PRINCE2®
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