IT Governance to demonstrate vsRisk® in latest series of webinars


Ely, England, 22 October 2012vsRisk® – the definitive cybersecurity risk assessment tool – will be demonstrated in its entirety in the latest series of webinars, exclusively from IT Governance Ltd.

Hosted by CEO of IT Governance Ltd, Alan Calder will take delegates through the essentials of vsRisk, providing webinar attendees with everything they need to help reduce the threat of risk in their organisation. There will be some special product offers available to attendees only.

IT Governance and vsRisk have helped dozens of organisations complete a risk assessment of their business in compliance with ISO27001, the international cyber security standard, whilst offering best-practice alignment.

The ‘Everything you want to know about...vsRisk’ webinar will cover the basics of a risk assessment, how vsRisk can help mitigate and control risks (including how to use it and navigate around it) and the benefits using such a tool can bring to businesses. There will also be an interactive section of the webinar, where attendees will be able to enter into a ‘Q&A’ dialogue with Alan himself.

IT Governance hopes that this webinar will provide attendees with a more realistic and thorough understanding of vsRisk.

“We are hosting this webinar in a bid to inform risk managers, and those concerned with business risk, of the potential tools available to help make their job easier. We hope by showing vsRisk off in a more ‘interactive’ light, that people will be able to understand the tool better and use it to its full potential” says Alan Calder.

Taking place on Thursday 29th November 2012 at 16:00 GMT, this webinar is free to attend and is open to anyone interested in vsRisk or risk management. The webinar is held over Voice Over IP (VOIP), is interactive and is available at a time that makes sense for people everywhere in the world.

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