IT Governance releases new guidance on using ITIL to revolutionise your organisation


Organisational change is difficult to manage and takes time. The implementation of ITIL® can be particularly challenging, especially for organisations where it represents a radical change. So how do you ensure that the process goes smoothly and offers a return on your investment in the ITIL framework?

Fortunately, help is at hand. Pamela Erskine has more than 15 years of experience in IT and Service Transformation, and now she is sharing that knowledge in her new book, ITIL and Organisational Change, which fills a growing need in the ITSM community.

As Pamela says:
“While other materials may mention that culture or organisational change is important, they do not provide true guidance on how to go about planning for this type of change. ITIL and Organisational Change provides the guidance needed to plan for organisational change as part of an ITSM initiative.”

Published by IT Governance Publishing, ITIL and Organisational Change covers best practice in gaining acceptance of changes in the workplace and gives practical advice on applying organisational change models to an ITSM initiative. Pamela acknowledges that not all organisations and projects are the same, so she covers five change models that suit different needs.
Pamela concludes:
“The IT organisation is undergoing significant changes to their operating model.  Increased customer expectations and rapidly changing technology require them to seek opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  The implementation of ITIL processes is a critical piece of the puzzle. Given there is so much change in the industry - IT staff are already overburdened - we must recognize the effect the changes are having on staff. This makes it essential to plan for the cultural acceptance and adoption of changes associated with any IT service management initiative.”
With so much practical advice and first-hand knowledge, this is essential reading for anyone who wants to their ITIL implementation to run more smoothly.
ITIL and Organisational Change can be purchased in multiple formats (including softcover, Adobe eBook, Kindle and ePub from:  (UK) for £24.95, (US) for $24.95 and (EU) for €29,95.  

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