IT Governance releases N3 NHS IG Business Partner Documentation Toolkit


IT Governance, the leading experts in information security and N3 compliance, have released the N3 NHS IG Business Partner Documentation Toolkit - the latest adddition to their N3 ‘Connecting for Health’ toolkit portfolio.
This latest documentation toolkit contains templates for all the documents that you will need if you are to meet the Business Partner (BP) requirements and achieve IG compliance v10. This document set has been developed in response to our clients discovering a range of shortfalls in material that is available for free.
As the NHS has evolved, the range of NHS providers from the independent and third sectors offering NHS commissioned services has increased significantly. Recognising the growing importance of these sectors to the NHS, and the need for effective integration with NHS digital systems, NHS Connecting for Health introduced the NHS Business Partner Programme.
This programme exists to provide support and guidance to NHS commissioners and their contracted providers (and their IT suppliers) with their integration with NHS service and applications
To satisfy the requirements of the IG Toolkit, organisations are advised to employ various methods, from conducting a risk assessment to using some of the key controls mandated by the NHS when dealing with patient identifiable data.
To simplify the challenge of documentation, IT Governance offers an NHS N3 IG Business Partner v10 Documentation Toolkit,, which contains all the documents business partners require to complete the IG Toolkit and achieve compliance.
Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, “All personal information needs to be secure, but compromised medical and health records can have serious consequences for the professional and private lives of patients. One of the greatest risks to such data occurs when it goes outside the core NHS function. For this reason, the information security requirements for Business Partners are particularly stringent. We created this toolkit to help organisations ensure that they have an information governance policy that is fit for purpose, that protects patient information and that gives Business Partners policies and procedures that stand up to close scrutiny.”
For more information on the N3 NHS IG Business Partner Documentation Toolkit, visit our website here
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