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Ely, England, 25 May 2011 – Business relies on e-mail for its everyday dealings with partners, suppliers and customers. While e-mail is an invaluable form of communication, it also represents a potential threat to your information security. E-mail could become the means for criminals to install a virus or malicious software on your computer system, and fraudsters will try to use e-mails to obtain sensitive information through phishing scams.

E-mail Security: A Pocket Guide will help businesses to address these important issues. Its comprehensive approach covers both the technical and the managerial aspects of the subject, offering valuable insights for IT professionals, managers and executives, as well as for individual users of e-mail. Providing a concise reference to the main security issues affecting those that deploy and use e-mail to support their organisations, it considers e-mail in terms of its significance in a business context, and focuses upon why effective security policy and safeguards are crucial in ensuring the viability of business operations.

E-mail Security: A Pocket Guide will help readers:

  • Defend their business from attack
  • Use e-mail clients to improve security
  • Preserve confidentiality
  • Protect their company’s reputation.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, comments, “E-mail security doesn’t just affect the person sending or receiving the communication. Should the security be compromised, the impact can be much wider and can seriously damage an organisation’s reputation. Users need to be aware of both virtual and physical surroundings when communicating by e-mail. This essential guide will help e-mail users become aware of the dangers and potential threats that exist, in order to put the necessary safeguards in place to protect themselves and their organisation”.

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